Friday, June 01, 2018

Doctor Who Marathon Mix-Ups

Twitch Presents is having a Doctor Who Marathon, planning on playing every episode of the classic show. The first three days went fine, with day one showing a pre-show followed by the first three stories, "An Unearthly Child", "The Daleks" and "The Edge of Destruction". Day two was "The Keys of Marinus", "The Aztecs" and "The Sensorites". Day three was the showings of "Planet of Giants", "The Dalek Invasion of Earth", "The Rescue" and "The Romans".

Today was supposed to be "The Web Planet", followed by "The Space Museum" and "The Chase". Unfortunately, when the airing started this morning, instead of Web Planet, the viewers were treated to "An Unearthly Child" again. The chat, which seems to consist of mostly younger fans, went nutso. Lots of complaints... and a bit more than halfway through the episode it stopped for a moment and switched to about halfway through the first episode of "Planet of Giants". Lots of complaints, but a note popped up that the channel would be streaming yesterday's shows until they fixed the glitch. It took several hours, then finally the original schedule started to play.

The funniest thing about the marathon is the short bumper between episodes, which is unfortunately often shown twice. It consists of clips from various episodes, including Ian gleefully telling Barbara that they were back in London, 1965 and the Doctor telling Barbara that she cannot change history, "Believe me, I know!" The new group of fans quickly turned both into memes.

They are skipping all the stories with episodes missing, of course, and several of the later Dalek stories will also not be shown.