Sunday, July 08, 2018

Inkwell update

Some folks may have noticed I posted a report that Inkwell was sick over on Facebook.

He was throwing up regularly, and hadn't eaten in awhile because of it, so we took him to the vet. Inkwell was NOT pleased with the vet tech and growled at her the entire time. The vet suggested trying to change his food, so we switched him... probably too rapidly.

He started out well, but rapidly stopped eating, then started dry-heaving. Which is scary if you are a human, but terrifying to watch in a cat. He didn't eat for a couple of days, and we took him back to the vet as quickly as we could. He was lethargic and weak. He didn't even growl this time until they took his temperature. The vet suggested blood tests, and then rehydrated him as well. We got some anti-nausea pills when the blood tests came back inconclusive.

For the first day back, he was much more his usual self, but still didn't eat much. I attempted to give him one of the pills when the vet had told me to and discovered that I have no idea how to get him to take a pill, and he really REALLY didn't want that pill. After a battle royale which Inkwell won, drooling all over himself and the floor and me, he stalked around the house grumbling and we decided to just feed him as normal and see what happened.

It took him several days to get back to his normal feeding routine, but he's back to the point where he's waiting around at mealtimes for us to put out his food instead of hiding under a chair and ignoring everything. He's been jumping up on laps and butting his head against ankles like he used to. And so far, knock on wood, he hasn't thrown up.

I have his "new" food which I may or may not reintroduce (thinking "not" right now) and he's back on his old food. He actually gained weight this past week, possibly because I kept hand-feeding him treats when he refused to eat out of his bowls.

So, as far as I can tell, all is well. We still have no idea what caused the initial problem, but then... that's cats for you.