Wednesday, May 20, 2020

Kidney Saga part 99

It's infusion day. The fifth of sixth.

I'm still feeling irrational anxiety, but hopefully I will be fine once I'm at the clinic and getting infused. I have a novella to read, and even some comics on my phone that I might be able to handle. And if all else fails, I had insomnia this morning so maybe I'll sleep through it.

I've started to toddle around the house without the walker. I'm still not going up and down the stairs much because it takes so much effort to go up, but I can walk safely without the walker a good portion of the time now. I'm not completely steady, but I'm not falling over, either. I probably should have tried to move around without it sooner, but it's nice to have the bag hanging from it that holds my stuff, and after the fainting spells I was a little leery of falling for far too long. Not that the walker helped during those incidents.

I still don't have enough strength to stand for very long, so the walker is still needed. But if the doctor is right about the potassium, I hopefully will have enough strength very soon. Of course, the infusion will throw things off, since I'm always fairly tired right after that.

My brain is getting more active and my writing is improving. It still sucks, and I hate every word I've written in the last few months, but the words are definitely beginning to hold together again, and don't feel as disconnected and wrong. It's hard to explain. I'll just say I'm feeling like I'm headed back to my groove. I'm not there yet, but I'm pointed in the right direction.

With the weather being nasty outside the last couple of days, Dr. Inkwell has been very diligent about seeking out my lap whenever he can, and meowing at me until I put my laptop aside and let him sleep on me. He spent a very long time on my lap last night while I read. His purr therapy helps, but after some time he gets heavy on my now very skinny legs. Without any water weight to cushion them, my legs feel everything that touches them.

I'll report tomorrow, probably with another selfie like my other post-infusion reports. Hopefully all will go smooth today. I can hope and wish.

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