Saturday, July 11, 2020

Kidney Saga part 114

I've closed down my GoFundMe, because most of the bills are now paid.

We received word from the hospital with the last big bill that they are forgiving most of the debt, which means that any extra money we already collected can go toward diabetes supplies and hospital bills the insurance didn't cover. For the rest of the year, we are probably going to be fine as far as medical bills are concerned (knock on wood). At the very least, we are no longer looking at a medical bankruptcy. We're still going to be paying a bit out-of-pocket, but the amounts are not terrifying any more.

Health-wise I'm doing okay. My horrid back pain has been slowly decreasing and I'm able to move around again without the walker (yay!) so I feel much more human. Hopefully the trend will continue and I can get back to exercising. I've been doing "walker squats" when I can, but I really need to get started on a real exercise regimen. Perhaps I'll dust off the Wii Fit.

As I suspected, now that my liquid restriction is higher, I'm not as thirsty. I'm not taking full advantage of the higher amount - but because I know I can, I no longer feel so desperately that I need to drink. It's very nice.

My blood pressure is still comfortably low, so changing the dosage of medicine was definitely a good choice. I'm very happy with my morning BP readings, and I think that part of my system is moving in the right direction. I just wish I knew for sure that my kidneys are recovering. The blood tests are the only way to figure it out, and the doctor said to reduce them to once a month, so I don't have the data to know what's happening from week to week.

This morning when I looked in the mirror after my shower I realized my "moon face" is getting smaller. My face is still round and puffy, but it no longer looks as big as it did. I've been told it was reducing, but this was the first time I truly noticed it myself - as opposed to being assured by someone else it was happening.

As I told the cardiologist, I'm fine mentally except when I read the news. Inkwell has been doing his part to keep me happy, including insisting on frequent lap time with me. He'll get in my lap and butt my hand with his head until I give him scritches, then purr so loud and happy that my pain all goes away for a bit. After a bit he'll roll over and look up at me, still purring. Then he'll either settle down for a good sleep or jump off my legs to go bother hubby-Eric. It's terribly amusing.

I'm working my way through my backlog of comic books I didn't read while I was sick. There's this fantastic series called Fairlady that I highly recommend if you can find copies during this weird time. It was, sadly, canceled too soon, but each issue is an excellent stand-alone story in a well-developed universe with an interesting protagonist. Well worth your time to hunt down. In other reading, I caught up with my Fortean Times issues, which filled my head with all kinds of neat stories. I am hoping I can start writing again soon, as the ideas are all bouncing around up in my head.

I've also been watching one tv/streaming show a night with hubby-Eric. We are caught up on Stargirl and nearly caught up on Doom Patrol. I just have to say, Doom Patrol is truly, truly strange on pretty much every level. Fun, but strange. I've also been working on catching up with my podcasts, with the notable exception of "No Such Thing As A Fish". I haven't caught up with that one because it makes me laugh too hard, and while I had back pain the laughing hurt way too much. Now that my back is feeling better I might be able to catch up with that one, too.

The other thing I've been doing is my MMO (Massive Multiplayer Online) game, DC Universe Online, which is about to drop a new "episode" in August called "Wonderverse". I'm not the biggest Wonder Woman fan around, although I like the character, but this storyline involves the multiverse and a bunch of different versions of Wonder Woman - including the Flashpoint Wonder Woman who killed Mera. In fact, there's a whole area of the open world with Atlanteans, so I'm happy. I listen to podcasts while playing DCUO, which sometimes makes for some strange mental twists.

So, overall, life is getting better for me. I'm worried about the state of the world and the country, but at the moment I'm safe and secure and healing. That's all I can ask for.