Thursday, June 10, 2021

Justice League at Home, second meal

The fish dish in the Mother Box is pretty small. Unlike the burger, it didn't feel like a full meal by itself. So we went ahead and made some veggies to go with it, and then we also added the Chocos as an appetizer/desert.

In the DC Universe, the Martian Manhunter's favorite cookie is the "Choco", which is apparently their universe's equivalent of an Oreo or other sandwich cookie. In the Mother Box meal, the Choco is a jalapeƱo, salsa and cheese cookie. To be sure, I wasn't positive I would like it, since I do not handle any hot-spicy foods well at all. We ate ours before digging into the fish, and I have to say I thought it was pretty bland. Thought. It came back later with a mild kick - very tolerable, but a definite surprise.

The fish dish, called "The Trench", was pretty straightforward. There was a potato "chip" patty that had to be cooked first, then we added the chunks of cod piled on top and baked it a bit longer. It was finished by topping it with the dressing and some crunchy bits. It was easy enough, although difficult to tell when the potato was actually fully cooked. The package came with a "sardine tin" to cook the dish in. Eric did the oven work, and I topped the dish when it came out, before we posed it for a quick photo.
It was very tasty. The dressing had a little bite to it, and the crunchy bits were a very good addition. The potato chips cooked up well enough and blended nicely with the cod. It was a bit messy to serve - not in the comfortably messy Big Belly Burger way - but it tasted lovely. As a full meal it worked nicely.

This leaves us with the Superman Souffle, the Batman Chocolates, and the Cyborg Energy Drink. As the souffle is a little complicated, we're not sure exactly when we'll make it. I also hope to do some more photos and screen caps of the Mother Box AR stuff, so you can get an idea of what it is like.