Tuesday, July 06, 2021

Justice League at Home, finishing up

It took us quite some time before we were able to finish off the stuff in the box, as we needed to wait for a night Eric could try to make the souffle. But we managed it and the results were great. I really liked the souffle, and would certainly like to try that dish again some time.

Eric asked for my assistance in making it, so it was the one dish that both of us put work into. We followed the instructions on the website closely, and prepared two extra ramekins - good thing we did. There was enough batter for three of them. We started, however, by making the dish as suggested in the special Superman collector ramekin. And, frankly, it turned out gorgeous.
Not only did it look good, it tasted fantastic as well. We made up the extra batter into the other two ramekins and had seconds. It was delicious. We also brewed up "Element X" - the Cyborg themed energy drink.
My diet restrictions meant I wasn't able to drink much of it, which was fine. It wasn't really very good. It had the taste of artificial sweetener. The last thing in the box was the Batman themed chocolates.
Ours got a little dusky thanks to the heat, but they were excellent chocolates. Very yummy and a nice finish to the meals. We ended up having them with the marshmellows:
The box itself had an interactive feature, where you aim your camera at it and you see the box change color slightly, glow, and have a beam shoot up from it. Then the logos of the heroes float above the box (on your phone screen) and you can select them to view character bios.
The box also included some beverages that Eric and I don't drink, but I have plans to let other people give those a try (and return the collectible cans to me) so we'll get an independent opinion on them: