Wednesday, November 03, 2021

Song of the Month - November 2021 - Paint It Black

For quite some time, Eric has been posted a "Song of the Month" on his Facebook page, with a single song covered by a bunch of different artists. The series has been going for more than a year now, and I have had the WORST trouble trying to find all the videos on Facebook because of the truly obnoxious way Facebook hides stuff from people.

So here's my cunning plan. I'm going to post Eric's videos here, on my blog, but each month will be in one post. I'll start with the first day's video, then try to put the rest after a cut, so just the first video will appear on the main page. However, this project will take some time to do, thanks to the way Facebook hides content, so I'm just going to do it as I can and work backwards from today.

Without further ado, then, Paint It Black - Eric's Song of the Month for November 2021.

Nov 1st - Song of the Month, Day 1: Right, time for some Stones!

Nov 2nd - Song of the Month, Day 2: Listen carefully to the score of this scene from the TV series version of "Westworld": (CAUTION: Violence and some naughty words.)

Want to hear the whole track without the distraction of actors, horses, and gunfire? Okay!

And hey, they played it again in Shogunworld!

Nov 3rd - Song of the Month, Day 3: I always liked how "The Tracey Ullman Show" incorporated pop songs into sketches. This was one of my favorites.

Nov 4th - Song of the Month, Day 4: The gayageum version!

Nov 5th - Song of the Month, Day 5: My brother-in-law mentioned how amazing this version was on Day 1. He's right!

Bonus video, here's her cover of an earlier Song of the Month, "Bohemian Rhapsody":

Nov 6th - Song of he Month, Day 6: Sadly, my favorite cover group, Postmodern Jukebox, doesn't have a version of "Paint It Black". But Robyn Adele Ferguson, who often works with PMJ but also does her own covers, does! And here it is.

Nov 7th - Song of the Month, Day 7:

Not quite enough for you today? How about a live version?

Nov 8th - Song of the Month, Day 8: Green Day does a secret concert, and takes a request. (Warning: Some slightly naughty language.)

Nov 9th - Song of the Month, Day 9: No video, but wow, what an epic version!

Nov 10th - Song of the Month, Day 10: Ciara has a cover of "Paint It Black", but no video. Good thing someone used it in a tribute to Hela in the Thor movies!

Nov 11th - Song of the Month, Day 11: The Animals cover "Paint It Black". It sounds just like you'd expect an Animals cover of "Paint It Black" would sound!

Nov 12th - Song of the Month, Day 12:

Nov 13th - Song of the Month, Day 13: Ooh, this one is nicely different!

Nov 14th - Song of the Month, Day 14:

Nov 15th - Song of the Month, Day 15: R. E. M.!