Monday, June 06, 2022

Inkwell Tales

Inkwell was curled up on my lap, purring, and I noticed some stray hairs so I reached down and grabbed his brush and started to help groom him. He purred and stretched and made it clear that I was to continue. After a time he got up and wandered off. I set the brush on the table next to me instead of back in the chair's side pocket.

A short time later, Inkwell wandered back and leapt onto the table ... then leapt backwards in that amazing move that only cats do - completely rewinding. He landed on the floor and let out a mighty MEOW of protest at the table.

Baffled, I looked at Inkwell, then looked at the table. The only difference from usual was the brush. I picked up the brush and showed it to him. He grumpily jumped back up on the table, and investigated the scary thing in my hand.

He glared at me again, then stalked out of the room in a huff. I gingerly put the brush back in its side pocket. Minutes later, Inkwell again entered the room, this time putting his paws up on the table to check for scary objects before he jumped up and proceeded back to my lap for cuddles.

Note to self: Do not leave the brush out. I got clutter shamed by my cat.