Wednesday, July 28, 2004

Mega Catch-Up Random Thoughts

I'm slowly slowly slowly catching up on comics blogs. I'm sure I'll miss a few really cool bits despite my best efforts. Let's start with Grant Morrison, whose interview is mentioned on many blogs but I got it originally from Fanboy Rampage. In the interview, Morrison covers the new JLA book, complete with an image that includes Aquaman. Great, another strange series that I have to get...

Peter David takes it on the arm for the CBLDF. Personally, I would have asked for more than $1000. Anyway, from Neil's Blog, here's a link to pictures of the deed.

Franklin's Findings lets us know that the Batman Begins Trailer is now on-line. Yippee.

Variety's Bags and Boards has a lot of convention coverage. I'm not even going to try to link to each note. Just go read the whole thing.

Erin the Comic Queen manages to shame me by getting her review of Previews up before I even started writing mine. *sigh*

Miraclo Miles points us to Cassini's picture of a moon of Saturn, no, it's not a space station.

I finally got to hear Jeff Parker's audio reports from Comicon. Very cool. Hard to understand in places, but very cool.

ICv2 reports that FCBD 2005 might be either May 7th or June 18th. Both choices are better than July 4th weekend. Link via Thought Balloons.

Also via Thought Balloons, The Eisner Awards.

The Greedo Assassination Conspiracy Page. Yeah, just how did Greedo manage to miss Han Solo from less than a meter away? Via Four Color Meat and Fish.

Near Mint Heroes is linkblogging again. Don't miss it.

Johnny B draws Doctor Strange. I'm also curious as to when his book is coming out (I didn't miss it, did I?). It's a children's book called Pumpkins on the Vine.

You must read Brill's Comic-con Report. Heck, Mark Evanier linked to him, that's how good it is! I gather his backpack was a bit heavy...

Scott at Polite Dissent revisits Aquaman. Yep. The biological changes would be more than mere gills. I find the Atlantis Chronicles depiction of a slow change much more plausible than the overnight jump caused by a massive infusion of sea water seen in the current book. But then, suspension of disbelief is a big requirement for Aquaman comics, unless you look on it as pure fantasy. I think that's why a lot of writers go for the "magic" crutch.

Scott also has a great post about one of my favorite sub-genres.

The Comics Waiting Room also has some good Comic-con reports. And Comics Ate My Brain. Go read.

Post-Crisis covers the Bendis Board problems. I agree, a dark day indeed.

Very very odd, but terribly cool, is the Top Screen Scientist Vote. Many thanks to Budgie's Squawks for the link.

Budgie also links to Stained Glass Superheroes. If I were much richer, I'd commission an Aquaman one.

I watched a bit of the Rollcall of the 2004 Democratic Convention. Mainly because one of our friends who was down at the Oz convention in Asilomar was a delegate for Utah. Sure enough, we saw her when Utah came up.

Do not trust e-voting. This article has some incidents which might be innocent, but sure sound like vote fraud to me:

At around 8:50, Soubirous’s campaign manager, Brian Floyd, received a call from an election observer in Temecula informing him that the vote count had been stopped – apparently by Registrar Mischelle Townsend herself. The reason was not made clear. So Floyd and another Soubirous campaigner named Art Cassel jumped into a car and drove to Townsend’s office to investigate. Sure enough, the counting area appeared to be near-deserted. But then they noticed two men huddled at one of the vote tabulation computers.

Via Metafilter. Again, if you vote on a computer that doesn't give you a paper copy (whether it is to keep or to deposit in a lockbox), you might as well not be voting. Demand a paper ballot when you vote. E-voting cannot be trusted in the United States.

If you live in the Seattle area, remember to bring your camera and go to the Ballard Locks on Sunday, August 1st, at 1 pm for a peaceful (and perfectly legal) protest against the abuse of Ian Spiers and Homeland Security laws.

This picture (from Nancy's Garden) doesn't do justice to the beauty of these little guys, who pop up through the cracks in the paving and show up in the most unexpected spots: