Thursday, August 25, 2005

Rapid Reviews - 24 August 2005

Hero Squared #2: Another Boom! Studios review copy. I ordered this book, as well, so I guess I'll get two copies again. Anyway, I'm glad I ordered it, because it's a very funny book. It's got humor, it's got superhero stereotypes, it's got two very different points of view. I really enjoyed it. 3 starfish

Angel: The Curse #3: Angel fights alongside the Rom, and more set-up takes place. We get some flashbacks to the characters who died in the finale of the show... while other bits are left open to interpretation. Particularly the reference to Spike. This isn't a bad issue, it's just got the middle child syndrome going. 2 1/2 starfish

Conan #19: "The Crown of Tiamat": I really enjoy how this series is pulling together all the aspects of Conan. In this particular issue, Conan is seen to mature a bit. It makes me want to re-read all the original stories. I know that some folks don't like the art, but I love it. It works really well for this character. 3 starfish

Day of Vengeance #5: "The Particle Theory of Darkness": I kind of wish the monkey would continue narrating. This time it's Nightshade doing the narration, and while she's not bad, the monkey was much more interesting. Anyway, the team comes up with a plan, and it's a good plan. It only has one flaw... and that's the cliffhanger. Decent issue. 2 1/2 starfish

JSA: Classified #2: "Power Trip Part II of IV": Ok. I'm not sure I buy the explanation for the hole in the front of Power Girl's outfit, but it's cute. I'm much more curious about why the character on the cliffhanger page is out to get her. Say no more... I'll find out soon enough. This one has my interest. 2 1/2 starfish

Legion of Super-Heroes #9: With the Legion's very public implosion, the kids outside who supported the Legion are also breaking up. I like the way the characters are handled in this book, even though I'm still having a miserable time keeping them straight. At least this one has a much better ending than the last issue. And the letter column is the best in the business in many ways. 3 starfish