Saturday, January 13, 2007

Saturday Linkdump

I feel guilty posting good links on Friday and Saturday, because I don't think anyone actually bothers reading my blog on the weekends... oh well, here's what caught my eye recently:

Comic Book Urban Legends Revealed #85.

Is it sad that the first thing I wondered when I read this DI article was "which episode of Doctor Who was interrupted?"

Studio Foglio has added Buck Godot and What's New with Phil & Dixie to their webcomic line-ups... so now they are posting a page of comics a day. Ok, most of it is reprints, but still!

Slashdot asks a hypothetical question. I have an answer: The hypothetical situation described in the question is simply impossible, therefore the question is meaningless. However, if some magical DRM was conjured that did work, I wouldn't object to it... but I would find it distasteful. DRM assumes that I'm a criminal if I'm a customer. That is always insulting.

Modulator gives a good reason not to switch to Vista. When XP becomes truly obsolete, I'll be moving to Linux or Mac. I will never run Vista on my main machine.

Johnny B calls the NFL playoffs. I'm sad to say I pretty much agree with his pick for the Seahawks game. I'll be thrilled if the Seahawks win it, but also really surprised.

We have a 10% chance of "measurable precipitation" today in the Seattle area. If we get any precip, it'll be frozen. The clouds are glowering at the moment, so I'll be surprised if we don't get something, even if it's just a light flurry. We had brilliant sunlight the last two days, but it's dark and gloomy this morning.

Update: Snow flurry started about noon. Very light at first. It's getting heavier though. Hopefully it'll stop soon.

Update: 1:30pm, still snowing. I'm sure it'll stop soon. I mean, this is so unlike Seattle weather I hardly know what to write.

Update: 3:15pm, still snowing. This defies the definition of "flurry" in my opinion.

Update: 4:30pm, thank goodness indeed, it finally stopped. Let's hope it gets above freezing tomorrow and melts some of this stuff off the roads. Lucky it's a three-day weekend.