Thursday, March 15, 2007

A Fifth of Lunkdimp

Butt-Shots in Comics. I particularly like the Vixen/Amazo contrast, because I didn't notice it when I read the book, but it's totally obvious when taken in this context.

Boing Boing on tormenting squirrels. Spinning Bird Feeder. Squirrel Obstacles Courses.

It's the Dursley Syndrome! Parents don't recognize obesity in their kids.

More Wil Wheaton, who is vastly more interesting as a nerd than he ever was as Wesley: tapestry. Two stories of Wil dealing with fans.

TangognaT passes along some cool library links: What Is A Librarian? and The Joy of Interlibrary Loan are great reads.

And don't forget to enter TangognaT's Manga Giveaway!

A whine about e-mail sigs. Way back in the early days of the 'net, when we had to power our computers with hamsters, I was told that a sig should never exceed four lines of text, which I have stuck to all these years. Reports of PHOTOs in sigs admittedly bothers me, especially if you are sending mail to someone who has to pay for download time. I don't mind sigs, but be reasonable about them, folks!

Jeopardy is teasing about Friday March 16th's show: "for the first time in 23 years, 'Jeopardy!' history will be made." Well, hey, since we got the TiVo entirely to record Jeopardy so hubby-Eric never will have to miss it again, yeah, we'll watch it. Via Various and Sundry.

Which microlender is best? Surprise, it's Kiva, the one that I have a little bit of money in. I meant to put $50 a year into it, but haven't put any money in this year yet, due to our financial difficulties.