Thursday, May 03, 2007

My first Kiva loan has been paid back. I lent to a shop in Honduras, and she's paid the full amount back in exactly one year. I was able to take the money I invested in her last year and re-invest it. I put part of it into a sewing business in Samoa, and I plan on putting my other bit in another business somewhere else in the world. I thought I'd ask my hubby-Eric for his input on the rest of the money.

If you want to follow my admittedly minor loaning, check out my user page. Yes, that is a picture of me at the top. Yes, it's an old picture, but I like it.

I had hoped to contribute a little to Kiva every Christmas, but last Christmas was tight enough that I didn't put anything in. But I'll tell you, if you are a relative or friend and want to give me a gift, Kiva is the PERFECT way to do it. Forget LEGO, Aquaman toys, or a book you aren't sure I'll enjoy. Chuck in some money to Kiva and I'll be very happy. There are e-gift cards, and not only will I appreciate it, somewhere else in the world someone else will too. Slate rated them the best microlender in a recent article.