Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Another Linkdump

Still... catching... up...

Sunshine on the Fourth of July in Seattle? No way!

LINUX and Open Source software save time and money in a school district.

I wanna plant these matches.

A Tribute to St Nicholas Magazine. L Frank Baum's book Queen Zixi of Ix was originally serialized in this mag.

Women need cuddles, Men need kudos.

Giving the clinically dead oxygen may be what kills them. Cells don't die as quickly as previously thought, but reintroducing oxygen... which they need for life... kills the cells. Yikes!

Heh, You're welcome, Bully!

Hmmm. A Virginia woman who bought alcohol for her son's 16th birthday was sentenced to 27 months in prison. While she definitely deserved punishment... well, read the article. She didn't allow the kids to get drunk, nor did she allow them to drive after the party. I can't approve of what she did, but at least she was responsible about it. And for that she gets over two years in prison.