Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Self-link: Don't Call Him Arthur!

These rings, they can't possibly be licensed. But they are pretty cool. Who wouldn't want a Legion Ring? Or a complete set of Lantern Rings?

Real Aqualad

I just thought you all might want a reminder of what Aqualad really looks like, instead of that dreadful rendition in Teen Titans: Year One. The artist must hate Aqualad with a passion to draw him so incredibly ugly.

Making Light has a bit on Making Your Own Fun. Too bad I almost never play games anymore.

What do they mean by "Canadian"?

Lea Hernandez tried to use WINE to install some Windows programs on Ubuntu. As a person who is pretty close to moving over to Ubuntu myself, I'm hoping by the time I need it, WINE will be robust enough to handle the handful of programs I want to run (most notably is CalorieKing).

Warning, a bit gory in places: What the ER would be like if all Urban Legends were real.


Who cut the cables? Nobody knows, but we are assured that it's not a conspiracy. Boing Boing readers are betting on Cloverfield.

Invisible Ink Pens for voters?

Reduce your sodium. I wrote to Banquet after eating a crock pot meal that had WAY too much salt. They just sent me a coupon for another one. *sigh*

Danish Police don't recognize iMacs. Oops.

Ah, exercise!