Thursday, March 27, 2008

It Can't Be Thursday Already!

Stupid Google Tricks.

Compact Fluorescents aren't so good, after all. Don't worry, we'll be moving to LEDs or something else soon enough.

Spy Hunter!

Comics Should Be Good examines Oz.

By now, everyone has heard about PZ Myers being barred from seeing a Creationist movie that he was tricked into appearing in. And you've all probably heard who PZ's guest was who managed to see the movie because they only kicked PZ himself out. But I couldn't not link to the story.

Simply clicking a link could get your home raided. The article says the FBI isn't bothering to record the referrer, which means some "prankster" could put the link up in a major forum and it would get tons of hits... I'm afraid clicking a link should NEVER be "probable cause" for a federally condoned home invasion and robbery.

All roads lead to Rome. Or somewhere.

The 5 Most Ridiculously Over-Hyped Health Scares of All Time.

Pastafarians in Crossville Tennessee got permission to put a Flying Spaghetti Monster statue on the Courthouse lawn. I want one! (A statue of the FSM, not a courthouse) Be sure to scroll down for pictures on how they made the FSM.

ARGH! People are so stupid! You don't believe everything you read online, especially if it's about free stuff, including a horse. Whoever posted this needs to go to jail, but so do the idiots who went and robbed the guy's house.

Speaking of not believing everything you read online, the Museum of Hoaxes reminds us that April Fools Day is coming by doing a little more research into the possible origins of the day.

I loved this LOLcat.

I hope they rolled a critical hit (it looks like they did to me).

Pugs for the in-laws: I Has A Me.