Thursday, April 17, 2008

Tardy Linkdump

The 100 Most Powerful People in British Culture.

More from Mike Manley on babymen. While I don't agree entirely with everything he says about fandom, I agree with most of it.

Polite Scott has a cool article that links to a very cool short story. Thanks Scott!

Making Light reports on a book cover that would just annoy me.

Teen creates Chemistry Card Game: I want. Can you add your own cards, I wonder? Expansion packs would be cool.

As of July 1st, Washington state is going to have a tax like this, and it's insane. Especially since the state's tax affects small businesses that really can't afford to figure out the tax for every single municipality in the state. Sales taxes are regressive, anyway. I think they aren't the best way to get money for government.

The Bad Astronomer makes a webcomic about Creationist "logic".

Doctor Who Quiz Answers.

Earthquakes off the coast of Oregon are probably Godzilla.

Invasive species are BAD.

LOLcats are developing their own theology. I like it a little better than FSM in some ways. Happycat is happy. Ceiling cat is a pervert.