Friday, June 20, 2008

Race For The Cure

Many many thanks to the folks who have donated to support Eric, Lisa, and I on the Race For The Cure, which is happening tomorrow morning! I hope to take some pictures of the race, and maybe post one or two here after.

If you still want to donate, check out our donation pages: Laura Gjovaag, Eric Gjovaag, or Lisa Dunham.

My sister is going to do the MS 150 in September (that's 150 miles on a bike). If you want to help Lisa, then donate here. She's trying to get $500 in donations so she can get a jersey, but needs at least $250 to go on the ride. She wants to thank to folks who have donated so far, including a donation in honor of Little Warrior. Thank you all!

And, lastly... hubby-Eric will be on TeeVee tomorrow night, on the Tacoma PBS station during the Doctor Who pledge drive. He's slated to be one of the main "talent" folks, begging for money in between the episodes of the shows (Enlightenment and The King's Demons). If you feel flush with cash, you can donate to support PBS as well.