Monday, July 14, 2008

Cleaning Update

Eric's Mom came over today, and as usual she was able to get us moving and get a TON of cleaning done. She brought some crucial cleaning supplies and taught me some tricks, including the best way to display towels. The fireplace looks fantastic now. And I'm now an OxiClean believer.

We also discussed the Stepford House, and ended up calling the Eastern Washington realtor and making an offer on the house (contingent on selling Frankenhaus). We'll hear back in a few days, I hope. We are also trying to arrange an associated deal to rent/lease the Stepford House before closing, so we can move in immediately and get an Eastern Washington address.

Tomorrow is the Agents' Open House, so we'll have visitors tomorrow morning. I think we're almost ready. Yeah, I know, we've already had two showings, but we hope the agents will also like the place. We'll have a couple of hours in the morning to tidy up the cleaning supplies before any agents arrive. In the meantime, no one came to see the house today, although a couple more people stopped to pick up flyers.