Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Moving Update

No one showed for the agents' open house. No one. I don't know how to interpret that.

We're still waiting to hear about the offer we are putting in on the house in Eastern Washington. I had a moment of terrible panic last night when I went online to check the listing for Stepford House, and it was gone. I was certain that someone else had bought the house. But when I checked again today, it was back up... and listed at four thousand dollars cheaper. I'm not so frightened about it now.

I'm so stressed and anxious that I've had to buy some Tums to keep my stomach from destroying me. Yesterday, Eric's Mom realized why I hurt so much and gave me a baking soda drink, which worked pretty much instantly. Today I'm chewing Tums to keep from screaming.

Eric and I were watching the All-Star Game, but the only Mariner in the game left early on, so we stopped watching when the TiVo ran out, even though the game was in the ninth. I'm keeping an eye on it on the web, and it's into the 12th inning as I write this. Eric made some truly spectacular garlic fries and some hot dogs for us. It was a good meal. Now, if only my stomach would settle.