Friday, July 25, 2008


I guess after yesterday's silence, I owe everyone an update today.

First off, here's the current status of the real estate agent card collection:

Real Estate Cars Jul 25th

As you can see, we've collected five more since my first picture. The most recent viewer seems to be serious, so we're crossing our fingers for a possible offer. The feedback so far has consisted of two main complaints: the house is too dark (because it's been so bright and sunny out lately, the house will always seem dark in comparison) and the blackberry in the back yard is scary. To combat the first complaint, we turned on all the lights before we left for today's appointment, which may have helped. I don't know, we were very carefully nowhere near the house when the visitors came.

The second problem is more... problematic. I've got bids from two yard services, both of which are very high. If we get an offer over the weekend, yay. If not, we'll go with the lower bid I think. And try to not cry.

Speaking of crying, we managed to pull together another offer on the Stepford House, which is devastating in some ways. I may explain that someday, but probably not. We're supposed to hear back on that offer by next Tuesday. We hope.

Eric starts work in mid-August, though we've worked out possibilities for getting by if we haven't yet moved by then. Still, the ideal would be to have a house in Eastern Washington soon enough to move in the next two weeks. I really don't know how realistic that is. Probably not very.

I don't know. All this waiting is killing me. At least the Tums really help. And this weekend we have nothing to do except wait. And read the news from San Diego.