Sunday, July 06, 2008

A Moving Day

The Good News: We don't have to have the house ready until (probably) next Monday. The Bad News: We're going to be so busy, we need to get it done by tomorrow anyway.

Today hubby-Eric's Mom came over and made the planter box look good. And cleaned the bathroom. And cleaned the front windows. And cleaned the entire living area around the windows. And kept me inspired to keep cleaning in my room. And dispensed some valuable advice on the financial issues we're facing. And made some incredibly good recommendations about how to pack that I'm already putting into effect.

Hrm. I'm getting way ahead of myself, and I'm really tired so I'm afraid I'm going to mess up. Let's start with the status of the planter box after my Evil Twin, niece George, and parents came over the other day. Evil Twin posted some images of the work crew getting the planter box ready. So you have a little idea of how the "before" looked.

Shortly after arriving, Nancy set up the soaker hose in the planter box, then set out planning how to put the plants she'd brought.

Curb Appeal PictureCurb Appeal PictureCurb Appeal Picture

Planting started:

Curb Appeal PictureCurb Appeal Picture

Planting finished, but soaker hose still visible:

Curb Appeal Picture

Soaker hose buried in potting soil:

Curb Appeal Picture

The planter box in more direct sunlight:

Curb Appeal Picture

Another angle on the whole thing:

Curb Appeal Picture

As you can see, she made the thing look GOOD. Once it has a few days to grow out, it's going to look GREAT. Makes me want to stay here to see how it grows. Now that we're leaving, the planter box finally looks wonderful.

She also cleaned up the bathroom, got us a new shower curtain and "show" towels (we're not allowed to use them until the house is sold), and cleaned the front windows (along with the areas around the windows). She advised us to get rid of the horrible blinds in the front window, which we ran by the realtor when she came out to take a look this evening. The blinds are history. And as if all that wasn't enough, I know she packed at least a couple of boxes, possibly more.

Eric and I, in the meantime, looked like amateurs compared to her. We both got more packing and cleaning done. We have a few boxes of computer stuff that need to be donated/recycled/trashed, but most of the fan stuff was eaten taken by the Androgums at yesterday's Who party.

Ok, apparently I'm falling asleep at the keyboard, so I'm going to bed. I'll update again tomorrow night if I can stay awake. No more days until showing... I think the clock is reset. More when I'm able to think. G'night.