Wednesday, July 16, 2008


So, hubby-Eric and I need to brush up on our Spanish, as we're headed to an area that has a significant population of Spanish-speakers (over 70% Hispanic in the town that Stepford House is located in). Our Eastern Washington realtor is fluent, and made it clear (in Spanish no less) that we'd have plenty of time to learn more Spanish.

I took Spanish in High School, and was fairly miserable at it. Oh, it taught me a lot about English which I used later, but I just couldn't get the hang of another language. I took Greek (Ancient Greek) in college just to learn some root words, but again, I was never very good with it.

Eric also took Spanish in High School, and a year in college and he retained more of it than I did. He's not fluent, but he can follow a conversation much better than I can.

Eric's Mom, when she came over to help clean the other day, brought a great book she'd picked up for us called Spanish At Sight, published in 1943. I've been working my way through it, very slowly. It starts out easy, introducing us to the Smith family and some multicolored toros y vacas. Since I already have a grasp of the grammar, it's mostly useful to me for the vocabulary I'm learning. And there are a lot of toros y vacas where I'm moving to.

I should probably go find a good on-line Spanish course and work through it. I know there are some free ones that are somewhat decent out there. The more I Spanish I have, the better off I'm going to feel in our new home, I think.