Thursday, July 17, 2008

Moving Update

We submitted an offer on the house in Eastern Washington officially today, all the paperwork and that jazz. It's very interesting doing business long distance like this, but not fun. I suspect I'll have to pull out the scanner for more paperwork before we're through.

We also had agents come and look at Frankenhaus, solo. Three in the last two days. I'm not sure what the first agent thought, she came and left pretty quickly, but the agents today were talkative and thought we'd priced the house right for the location. When I said we hoped to sell in two months, they seemed to think we will have no problem.

Hubby-Eric and I celebrated our 14th anniversary by going out to dinner last night. A bit of a splurge, but we both needed to get OUT of the house. Have we really been married for 14 years?!??

I'm still downing Tums to settle my panicked stomach, but at a lower rate than a couple of days ago. Still, I ought to go get another package when we next go shopping.

We still have a lot more packing to do, although Eric's room is all but done. He's good.

I'm to the point in the Spanish At Sight book where it's trying to explain noun genders. This ought to be interesting.