Monday, July 21, 2008

Moving Update

A roadblock has been thrown in our way. The bank that owns Stepford House will not accept our offer because of the "must sell current house" contingency. The price was fine, they just don't want to wait for us to sell this place. ARGH!

While this doesn't mean that Stepford House is gone for good, it's out of the picture for now.

Which is really hard for me to accept. I tend to get emotional over things like this, and I let myself think the deal was going to happen. So I'm emotionally devastated by the news. Which really isn't easy for a person coping with depression to deal with, ya know? Fortunately, I'm pulling myself together ok, which means the B12 shots are probably working.

Still, my motivation for cleaning and packing just winked out of existence, right on the cusp of having the major non-garage stuff all done. I'm having to remotivate myself, and it's not easy. If only someone would make an offer on Frankenhaus, it would save us a lot of trouble and stress!