Monday, August 31, 2009

What, A Linkdump?

You thought I'd stopped doing these, didn't you?

For the record, I have no opinion on Disney buying Marvel. Aquaman is not a Marvel character. Except for Captain Britain, sadly canceled, and the Shanower/Young Oz adaptations, I'm not buying any Marvel at all. So I haven't got an opinion. We'll just have to see how it plays out. I hope the Oz adaptations continue, though.

Seven Great Sci-Fi Moments from The Muppet Show.

Ouch: Radioactive Wasp Nests found at Hanford.

If you missed some San Diego Comicon 2009 news, Check here and it might have been covered.

Hmmm, while killing the Caps Lock key will help some people (like myself, who disables it as soon as I get a new system), there are legitimate uses for it, even in modern society.

We really need to make some Crunchy Frogs for an Androgums meeting.

Swipe file: Fantastic Four #49 and the cover of the novelization of The Three Doctors.

I am absolutely ready to try vat-grown meat. I have no problem whatsoever with this idea, and I'd be willing to be first in line to try it out.

This is why we shop at Costco. Shareholders want to be kings, but Costco rightly focuses on the important people: customers and employees. And frankly, I'd rather be a shareholder in a company like Costco than some store that offers cheap and crappy products made by third-world slave labor.

Pug for the in-laws.