Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Writing For A Living

Now that I'm actually writing for money, writing for pleasure is less fun. But I still want to write my blog. I just find I have trouble getting started.

Unfortunately, I have a bit of trouble getting myself started on my paid work as well sometimes. I have to set up rewards, like reading my comics or watching something I've got on the DVR. Once I get going, it isn't difficult to write, but getting started... man.

About half the time I need some background noise when I get started as well. Once I'm really writing, I don't hear any music or TV that's on. When I'm focused, the outside world vanishes for awhile. It's a very pleasant state. One that I wish I could stay in longer than I can. But to start, for some reason I need a little noise. It's counter-intuitive. And I have to be careful what I pick, because if it draws me in, then I might not get started. I've been watching a lot of the Weather Channel and Animal Planet. The overly dramatic documentaries seem to work the best.

Anyway, this is my explanation/excuse for my loyal readers. I'm not blogging as much because I'm finally working, and my job is writing (yay!).