Thursday, July 22, 2010

Stepford Plants Again

As you are reading this, I'm somewhere between home and the Winkie Convention, and my Mom is here house-sitting and taking care of my plants. But here's a pre-written update for you on their status, scheduled to post while I'm somewhere on the road.

The arbor vitae are just there. Not much to report on them.

The tomatoes are growing like gangbusters. Even the wimpy not-growing one has started to explode outward.

One Dollar Tomatoes

The one next to it, on the farthest side, is HUGE now and has at least six tomatoes forming on it. The rest of the plants together have another six that I was able to count. This picture shows four of the tomatoes on my biggest plant, with my hand as a way to see how big these suckers are getting.

One Dollar Tomatoes

The plum stick is responding well to watering, and is starting to grow more branches after a period of not being terribly well because I wasn't able to water consistently. I was afraid I'd lost the tree, but I guess it's a little hardier than I feared.

The Plum Stick

I'm definitely going to try planting stuff next year, maybe something more than tomatoes. I'm also thinking that with as much sunlight as we get I may try growing herbs on the Southern windowsill.


David Oakes said...

Very wise of you to put those triffids in cages.

Tegan said...

I'm less worried about the tomatoes and plum stick than the many many tumbleweeds that are attempting to grow in our yard. Fortunately, if I can get the grass to take root before the birds eat it, grass has much deeper roots than tumbleweed and crowds it out.