Monday, July 09, 2012


I'm such a weather wimp. I mean, it's only somewhere between 98 and 105 degrees out there, why am I sweating and trying to huddle inside?

The kitten has a new toy. He finds the nearest air conditioner vent and sticks his face into it while the air is blowing. After a few seconds, he turns to the nearest wall and tries to climb it. I'm not entirely sure why he's doing it, but it's oddly compelling to watch.

City council tonight. Whee. I wonder if I'll ever get used to this schedule?

My boss told me this morning that he'd decided to go on the trip to California with Eric and I, and take a few days off himself. I pointed at my car and said he'd have to fit into the back seat. He's a head taller than me, and I have trouble getting into and out of the back seat of my car. He laughed at the thought, and then we talked about the difficulty he has getting time off at the same time as his wife.


Travis said...

Same with me. If I am even outside for an hour I am soaked.

Dwight Williams said...

An hour?

Try fifteen minutes.