Sunday, July 15, 2012

A Sunday Review

Still trying to catch up on my comic book reading. I was more than three months behind at one point there.

This week's movie was The Adventures of Young Indiana Jones Chapter 17: Masks of Evil (1918) - Indy playing a Swedish reporter was great. What happened to the girl he asked to marry him, not so great. Indy has a way with the women, but absolutely no luck. And he had no luck with Ataturk, as well. The second half of the story dipped into the supernatural, which was a bit of a shock until I remembered the movies. The documentaries were fantastic on this one.

Here are reviews of the DCBS comic books that I've gotten around to reading and reviewing, sorted by the original shipping date:
  • Mar 14th
  • Powers #9 - Two issues relatively close together in time meant I remembered what happened in the last one when I read this one, and that's a good thing.
  • Mister Terrific #7 - Um, what?
  • Green Lantern #7 - Not feeling any pity for Sinestro, but why did he drag Hal back into it?
  • Resurrection Man #7 - Loving this book. I like the mystery, I like Mitch's reactions... I just like this book.
  • Saucer Country #1 - Nice set up. Introduction of the characters, with a twist told via flashbacks. All pretty neat, let's see where it goes.
  • Northlanders#49 - The family started bad and continues bad.
  • Doctor Who #15 - Fun! I like Amy's confidence.
  • Mar 21st
  • Justice League #7 - "I don't need the umbrella, Lantern." Heh. I'm liking this Aquaman a bit more now. I did not like the Shazam preview at the end. I'd hate to be a Captain Marvel fan right now.
  • Green Lantern Corps #7 - Touching story, I wasn't expecting that.
  • Batman Beyond Unlimited #2 - Aquaman is mentioned, whee!
  • Tiny Titans #50 - NOOOO!!!!! THIS CAN'T BE THE LAST ISSUE!!!! NOOO!!!! SOB! WAIL! CRY! NO!!! *whimper*
  • Young Justice #14 - So, even if it isn't made official in the show, in the comic we know that Aqualad is the son of Cal Durham. YES! And I like the reference to Windward Home.
  • Fables #115 - I think I liked it better when it was just sinister. More Oz at the end, yay.
  • Hoax Hunters #0 - Jumps a little too much, but at least it mostly holds together. Looking forward to the first issue... er. Issue number one.
  • No Place Like Home #2 - Eeeuuuwww. Well, at least the audience gets to see the villian of the piece. Or at least a minion of the villain?
  • Peanuts #3 - I'm still enjoying this. Good stuff for fans of the original... it's not Sparky but it's got its appeal.
  • Mar 28th
  • Aquaman #7 - Aquaman has collegues? From the past? Is someone daring to add a new chapter to Aquaman's life? Is this a good thing or bad? Why am I writing in questions?
  • Green Lantern New Guardians #7 - A lot of talk in this one. The flashback was mildly interesting.
  • Dorothy of Oz Prequel #1 - Someday I want to read a comic about how the innocent flying monkeys, who were merely mischievious and not evil, were coerced into helping the wicked witch... instead of them being simply evil and ready for the next nasty to come along and lead them to new horrors. Ahem. Sorry. This one features a jester. How quaint.
  • Fairest #1 - Ozma is sort of on the cover, so Eric picked it up. It's ok. I wouldn't mind seeing more.
  • Apr 4th
  • Grimm Fairy Tales Presents the Library #5 - Yup, ended up about how I expected. Still, not bad.
  • The Legend of Oz: The Wicked West #3 - Strange book. But I kind of like the witch's gun.
  • Justice League International #8 - Unless Booster can bring back a reasonable universe, I'm not sure why I'm bothering to read this book.
  • Apr 11th
  • Victorian Secret Agents: Steampunk Angels - Well, crap. It's just a sketchbook, no story. Boring. Total waste of money. Boo.
  • Mister Terrific #8 - So, that's the end? Ok. I can live with it, I guess.
  • Green Lantern #8 - Ok, now I'm even more confused. I hope this gets explained in words that aren't just "nok".
  • Resurrection Man #8 - Why does Mitch's shirt always regenerate with him? Otherwise, another good issue of what is turned out to be an excellent series. And an underappreciated one, sadly.
  • Green Lantern: The Animated Series #1 - Shadows that feed on, what, emotion? Cool little villains.
  • Saucer Country #2 - Spooky. But yeah, the Governor has it together, doesn't she?
  • Northlanders #50 - Brutal end to a brutal series. I enjoyed it, but wow. Tough reading sometimes.
  • Spongebob Comics #8 - Not much in here for me, although I did enjoy the jellyfish and the clarinet.
  • Oz/Wonderland Chronicles: Jack & Cat Tales #3 - Having only recently learned about patching, it seems strange to see it used in a comic. This is a series that will read much better as a trade. Too many bits and bobs to remember and too erratic a schedule. I do hope it gets finished, though.
  • Apr 18th
  • Justice League #8 - Ah. Shazam wasn't a preview, it's a second feature. And Aquaman's distaste for Green Arrow is both funny and sad.
  • Green Lantern Corps #8 - I should have expected this, after the pleasant gentleness of the last issue. But I didn't.
  • Batman Beyond Unlimited #3 - Aquaman! Trying to stop Kobra! Are we back in the Silver Age again?
  • Young Justice #15 - Ah, Ocean Master... I guess I won't be as interested in the next issue, but it's been fun to have two Aqualad-centered issues in a row.
  • Fables #116 - So, tiger-boy is off to rescue boat-girl? Who is discovering a drawback of being a queen in a land of discarded toys. Fun enough, I guess.
  • Doctor Who #16 - What can I say, except this seemed like a pretty typical ending to me except for the dude getting pulled into the TARDIS.
  • No Place Like Home #3 - Well, if people had explained from the very beginning, maybe they wouldn't be in that mess, right? Poor Elizabeth.
  • Peanuts #4 - Not sure I liked the longer Snoopy story, although it was funny in the end. Patty's lack of realization of Snoopy's true nature continues to amuse me, even as it seems less and less likely in context.
  • Castle Waiting #16 - Wow, so glad this is back and will be finished up properly. Now I want to dig out my old copies and reread the series from the beginning. I guess I'll wait until I have the final issue before I do that, though.
  • Apr 25th
  • Aquaman #8 - Definitely not the Silver Age Aquaman. While I'm not really a fan of the 52 universe, this Aquaman has me very interested.
  • Green Lantern: New Guardians #8 - And Kyle's team goes to pieces, just like it should have before it even got going. The interest lies in whether or not he can pull it back together.
  • Popeye #1 - I used to really love Popeye. Not really sure about this, it feels a little off.