Sunday, October 07, 2012

Inkwell Update

Inkwell has developed two new quirks, one annoying and one impossibly cute.

The impossibly cute one involves me leaving at lunchtime, and sometimes when I leave for work in the morning first thing. He'll meow goodbye to me at the door to the garage, then as I'm pulling out of the garage he'll be waiting in the window, watching me leave. It's just squee-inducing, particularly when I'm having a bad day.

The annoying, or rather, alarming new quirk is that he can reach up to the counter and pull things down off it. Usually anything within an inch or two of the edge. He's managed to pull down the oven mitts repeatedly, but he's also pulled down a knife, a plate and a lid for a container. He doesn't seem to realize that he's capable of making the jump up to the counter, and I'm not going to teach him that. But it's worrying.

He will probably continue to go after my hands with his teeth, despite efforts to teach him not to. And he's developed an unhealthy fascination with the outdoors. The other day he walked out the door while Eric walked in... and when Eric yelled, "NO! NO! NO!" Inkwell scrambled back in, terrified, before Eric could even get out the door after him.

Inkwell also has a habit of counting coup on our legs and ankles. He'll run up, touch us, then run off as fast as possible. If he can, he'll do a full hug of the leg before running away. He seems to consider it a victory if we turn around and chase him, so we sometimes oblige.

He's also started to sleep on or near me again. When it was hot, he avoided sleeping on the bed and disdained my lap. Now that it's getting colder again I've woken up in the night to find him on my feet or next to my legs. He has also sought out my lap in the evenings, trying to get rid of the annoying computer in his way. He'll curl up and stay asleep on me until Eric goes into the kitchen. Because, you know, if someone is in the kitchen, the cat expects to be fed.