Tuesday, January 01, 2013

2012 Review

I didn't do too well with my goals for last year. Maybe one out of the five. Yikes.

Ok, this year is going to be easy. I know I can accomplish everything, it's just a matter of doing it.

1) Blog regularly. Daily if possible. More linkdumps like in the past. Figure out how to blog from Android. Just put more stuff up on Bloggity.

2) Record what I eat again. For instance, this morning so far I had my usual New Year's meal of cheese, crackers and sparkling cider just after midnight. Eric made cinnamon rolls this morning for breakfast. I need to record all that, and then let my worrying do the rest.

3) Start to learn layouts at work. I am extremely limited until I have a chance to mess with InDesign. Once I've started to really learn that program, I think I can start to improve my skills.

I'll stick with those for now. I have a lot more I can do, but I don't want a losing record at the end of the year and I know I can do these.


Dwight Williams said...

InDesign. Something else I want to make time to learn. I bought it two iterations of Adobe Creative Suite ago. Past time to start doing things with it.