Monday, October 16, 2017

An Imaginary Conversation Between Inkwell and Myself

"Hey, mom, I can smell some food. Can I have some?" Inkwell slinks under my chair and then around my table and looks up at me with wistful eyes.

"I'm eating, leave me alone." I say, stuffing my face.

"No, seriously, I can smell something. Let me try it!" Inkwell attempts to jump into my lap but fails due to strategically placed hand at the right moment.

"MMMffphh, mmm meedgph." I say, with my mouth full.

"At least let me sniff it!" Inkwell says, attempting again to climb onto the chair.

"No! I'm nearly done and you wouldn't like it anyway."

"Let me be the judge of that!" Inkwell whines, making sad mewling noises as he stalks around, looking for a way to the food.

I finish up, and look at the hopeful cat. "You really wouldn't like this. It's just veggies and rice." He gives me 'the stare'. I sigh.

I put the bowl down next to him and he eagerly leans forward ---

---only to jump back in disgust after getting a good whiff of the sweet and sour sauce.


"I told you you wouldn't like it," I say, picking up the bowl and starting down the stairs. He walks along beside me and meows when we get to the kitchen.

I put the bowl in the sink and start back up the stairs. A moment later there is 16 pounds of annoyed cat rushing into my ankle.

Failing to make me fall, the cat then spent the next 20 minutes running at top speed around the house while I calmly got back to my computer. Now he's at the doorway of the room, sulking.


Nathan said...

My cat is like that. She always wants to see what people are eating even if it isn't something she likes. She also eats some unusual things, though, like blueberry muffin crumbs.