Saturday, October 14, 2017

Various Bits and Bobs from the last few weeks

Whew. With my internet problems solved, my life got a lot easier. I get through my morning 'netting much faster when I'm not being interrupted by the internet failing every ten minutes or so.

I've been doing some stuff recently, but I have mostly been posting about it all on Facebook, because it's easier than writing out a blog post for whatever reason. Still, I owe it to my couple of readers to let them know what I've been up to...

In September I went to Adam West Day in Walla Walla, and I wrote a decent article about it for File 770. At least, I think it's a decent article. I meant to write a more personal account and post it here, but my old problems resurfaced and I'm not sure I'll ever finish it. At the very least, check out the article and enjoy me slightly professional write-up of events.


Just yesterday I received my prizes for the History Goes Bump flash fiction contest. I came in third place, which was lovely. You can listen to the episode by clicking here. If you only want to hear my story, it starts about 24 and a half minutes in.

My prizes were a medal and a t-shirt, which I adore. I also got a couple of awesome History Goes Bump stickers.

In addition to the story I wrote for the contest, my brain pumped out three more not-very-horrific stories as well, which I'm willing to share if people are at all interested. Considering the lack of response to my previous posting of fiction, I feel that's not likely.


In addition to winning a contest for my actual writing, I also won a sweepstakes prize of $50 at Spirit Halloween, which I promptly spent on my first ever animatronic, a sound-activated skeleton. Hubby-Eric and I tested it by screaming at it and having it scream back. Then Eric forgot I turned it off and kept screaming at it, which really amused me.

I also got a Haunted Manor Greeter, which is a doorbell set that little kids at our porch at likely to get a kick out of, as there will be a ton of them, I'm sure. If it doesn't drive us crazy first.

I filled out my order with a Hand Held Candelabra which was unfortunately broken on arrival. When I contacted the company for support, they were less than helpful. I'm much less likely to buy from them again. As it happened, I spent a little money on Crazy Glue and some time with a file and managed to fix the main problem with the candle, making it usable. There are other issues with it that make me think the quality control on the thing is non-existent.


Anyway, that's been the big events of life. I've also had some bouts of insomnia and an ankle that didn't want to work properly. I also joined a study on depression, and part of the study was a DNA test. I got the results from the test back and am about as white as it's possible to be, I guess. That's sort of depressing on its own, as I'd rather be a mutt. Oh, I'm also looking forward to the Justice League movie and seeing this new interpretation of Aquaman. And if you really want to see my political rantings, I keep those on Facebook and Twitter for the most part, now.