Thursday, January 17, 2019

General Thoughts Review: Titans (DC Universe Show)

When I subscribed to DC Universe, one of the reasons was this show. I wasn't sure if I would like an "adult" take on the team, but once I saw Koriand'r in preview images and publicity shots, I really wanted to see what direction this version would take. There was also the tiniest of chances Aquaman or Aqualad might eventually get mentioned...

Overall, I like the tone of the show. I think the actors are all excellent and the gritty realism is... gritty enough. Everyone is considerably more violent than I like, but that's probably my only criticism. And I knew going in that it would be violent.

Rachel's story is nicely laid out and played out, right up until the final cliffhanging ending. Garfield's appearances were appropriately done, although I keep expecting him to learn how to change into something else. Dick is done well, also. He's got a good heart, but he's been scarred and honed as a weapon. The others who show up are fantastic - Donna, Dawn and Hank all add a lot, as did the Doom Patrol itself. I did NOT like Jason Todd, but then I'm not sure I'm supposed to like him.

Villains were also decent. The Nuclear Family was horribly creepy, as were the agents seeking Rachel. Add in Kory's feud with police and we've got an epic in the making. The Dick Grayson facing his past episode was probably the weakest of the entire series, but the bad guy was still bad enough and it worked, even if it did detract from the overall arc.

The season was fun, if overly violent for my tastes. I'd be cautious showing this to a child, but teens or older with a sense of wonder would enjoy it.