Friday, February 28, 2020

Kidney Saga part 33

I felt a little melancholy most of yesterday after making my big decision, but I'm a little more annoyed at just how tired my legs are. I'm feeling overall not bad, but my legs are just worn out for no good reason. I have tried some simple exercising, but they aren't improving at the speed I want them to improve at. No surprise, but still annoying.

Waking up this morning I realized I was going to have the same problem today. I'm just tired. Not my mind, not most of my body, just mostly my legs.

I'm starting the double-dose this afternoon of the main medicine and I have absolutely no idea what the side effects will be, if any. I could just go on the way I'm currently going (please) or I could have a crash of exhaustion, or new and startling side effects that I see listed in the literature that I haven't yet experienced. It could be anything or nothing. I'm not sure how to handle the anticipation.

The temperatures are supposed to be high today, so Eric and I plan on airing out the sick room - aka, opening all the upstairs windows and letting some air flow through for a few hours. Goodness knows we need the fresh air, even if it does smell like cows half the time in this town. Inkwell will be delighted, I'm sure.

I've been reading a lot about Covin-19 and the current flu, and I'm mildly worried about everyone headed to various conventions and stuff. Just wash your hands, please. Masks aren't going to help you with the virus, so wash your hands.

Speaking of masks, I love the masks Elayne sent me. Wearing one makes me feel less like a chipmunk and more human, and the warmth from the mask helps me breathe easier. It's not going to protect me from any viruses, but I like the barrier against germs and I feel better, so it's all good!

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