Sunday, March 01, 2020

Kidney Saga part 35

Yesterday was extremely calm and I didn't overdo it or stress too much or anything. It was an ideal day, with me feeling a little stronger as the day wore on, and taking rest when I needed it. Like, an actual healing day. Wow.

Eric and I discussed his insomnia and decided he's moving into the guest room. He'll be there until at least a week or so after Emerald City Comicon. The idea is that my frequent toilet trips in the night are probably one thing disrupting his sleep, and if he sleeps in the guest room, maybe he'll get more uninterrupted rest.

Well, last night Inkwell decided that since Eric had the guest room, Inkwell would sleep the entire night on my ankles. So it was Inkwell's sleep that got frequently interrupted.

To my surprise, my anxiety levels overnight dropped by a lot. I guess I was worried about waking Eric every time I got up, so with him in the other room I felt less anxious and my body was more relaxed and I was able to rest better. So Eric moving out helped me and not just Eric. I hope this works out in the long term as well. Having better rest means that I was able to move around a little better this morning, which felt good.

My current biggest problem is lifting my feet. I can walk fine, and going downstairs isn't a problem. It's trying to get back up the stairs that causes issues. I am working on lifting exercises with my legs while in bed, but I can tell it's going to take awhile to get the strength back.

Mentally I'm still all over the place. The prednisone continues to dump strange things in my head, and I can sometimes barely hold in the emotions it washes over me. Most of them don't make any sense. I'm still avoiding reading the news in depth, although I keep skimming to make sure I'm up-to-date on the latest nonsense. Mostly I'm tracking the Covid-19 info to watch for any further precautions I might need to take.

I will say, I'm on the double-dose of the main medicine now and there haven't been any major changes or side effects that I've noted (knock wood). This bodes well for treatment moving on, I hope. It I can tolerate the triple-dose, then we'll be able to move forward. As always, a lot depends on the Monday blood test and what it shows. The incremental improvements so far have been both positive and depressingly slow.

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