Monday, March 02, 2020

Kidney Saga part 36

I spent a good part of yesterday in my computer chair while Eric cleaned the main bedroom. This was not ideal, as my feet slowly swelled up more than comfortable. I tried to walk around a bit, but it didn't help much.

Yesterday was more about reading the news and getting increasingly worried. I mean, I didn't expect to find out that my old high school is going to be closed today for deep cleaning after a potential coronavirus contact. Since my high school is only about a block from my parents' house, I'm kind of dazed about how close this pandemic is reaching to me.

Admittedly, this closure is out of an "abundance of caution" and not because it's a confirmed contact - just like the Bothell High School closure earlier (which was also my old stomping grounds). But it's still a little scary for me because of my total lack of immune system.

The Satan Spit medicine tastes awful, but THIS IS WHAT IT'S FOR. I'm taking that "tutti-frutti" stuff to prevent my catching anything like this virus, from the flu on up. And suddenly I love the Satan Spit. I wonder if I need to request a refill. Or a couple of refills. Maybe a jug of the stuff. I very much do not want to run out now.

Anyway, the news that my alma mater is closed today threw me for a loop. But there are other news reports and conjecture that added to the worries. The biggest was this thread on Twitter which, to sum up, basically theorizes that the virus has been transmitting in Washington state for SIX WEEKS already. Which is why a nursing facility suddenly had two deaths. It was building for awhile, but no one saw it because people were testing for the flu, and not for Covid-19.

So, life is scary at the moment. I will be going out today to get a blood draw. I will no doubt wear my new mask and see if the gal at the desk recognizes me still. I think she will. She greeted me by name last time at the lab door while we waited for Eric to bring the paperwork.

What a world we live in.

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