Thursday, March 05, 2020

Kidney Saga part 39

Someone pointed out that you can sing "Covid-19" to the tune of "Come On, Eileen" and now I can't think of it in any other way. Thanks.

Not much to report on the kidney front, really. I'm still slowly becoming less bloated, which is healing. I'm waiting on the blood test results, which will likely show up in my online chart this evening if the pattern holds true. Tomorrow I start the triple-dose of the main medication, which will eventually lead to tapering off the steroids and then... well, we'll just have to see.

I did some of the sit-to-stand exercises this morning. They completely wore me out. Yup. Gonna take some time to heal.

I am trying to decide whether or not to go full-on isolation by bringing my medications upstairs and avoiding going downstairs at all. I want to keep the exercise, but the stairs are a big challenge for me now. Also, dinnertime is the only social time I'm getting with Eric, as we try to catch up on the superhero shows. But if I get truly concerned, restricting myself to upstairs is a possibility.

Regarding the panic over Covid: it's not the death toll, it's the uncertainty. There's just too much we don't yet know about it. If we knew how many strains there were, and whether or not there is a more deadly strain that made it over from China, and if we knew whether or not the re-infection was on different strains or the same ones (leading to Typhoid Mary situations), or if we knew the actual incubation periods exactly, or... a dozen other facts that just aren't yet clear... if we knew, the fear might go away. But people are dying, and some handful of healthy people have gotten very sick, so we just don't know yet. And until the boundaries are determined, the whole thing will be scary for everyone.

History tells us it's not a good idea to hold a big event when a pandemic is brewing. So I'm still worried for Seattle and Emerald City Comicon. To be completely honest, I expected it to be canceled by either the governor of the state or the mayor of Seattle yesterday. I won't be surprised if it is canceled, although the longer it holds out the more surprised I am.

Of course, I'm hearing wild rumours from the Seattle area, particular the Eastside, of what's actually happening on the ground. I'm not seeing enough official or backed-up reporting to know what's really going on. All I know is that I'm going to stay in isolation as much as possible while this thing is happening and hope I can survive.

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