Sunday, March 22, 2020

Kidney Saga part 47

By Saturday, the 14th, I was feeling much better. My blood sugar levels hit a normal range, then dipped a bit before coming back up. I was gaining strength, and had a couple of nurses who were determined to make sure I could survive at home.

One was a nurse who insisted I learn how to do a basic insulin shot with a syringe. She allowed me to be squeamish only so long before she pretty much forced me to do the shot myself.

The doctors who were deciding my treatment came in again at various points, once a day, and talked very very fast about what should be done about me. They told me on the 15th that there was a required test before the cytoxin treatment (the older, nastier treatment for my kidneys), and said the results would be back in 24-48 hours.

They also finally got me off the catheter, which was extremely nice. I needed the catheter, since 13 liters over a week isn't something you want to be jumping up for every few minutes, and I couldn't actually move when I got to the hospital. But the fewer lines and tangles you have, the better. Especially since I was walking around the room a bit more, and wanted to exercise.

I developed a theory about the fresh pineapple they were serving me. It seemed to kill the thirst. As I am on a severe liquid restriction, I get thirsty. But if I finished a meal with fresh pineapple, it was at least a couple of hours before the thirst came back. I'm not sure why, but I appreciated it in the hospital.

On Saturday I was told I might get out of the hospital as soon as Tuesday. That turned out to be true, but I was not expecting it to happen. Certainly not the way it eventually did happen.

To be continued...

Thanks to a number of factors, my current Kidney Wish List is down to just Hospital Socks. With the remaining bloating already going down, I don't even need those as urgently as I did (although I do still need to get some very soon). Thank you to everyone who helped with my needs. We still need to pay the hospital bill, but the GoFundMe is there for that.

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