Friday, March 27, 2020

Kidney Saga part 52

"Is it a symptom, or is it just normal tiredness?"

I keep asking myself that question. I'm sure it's just normal tiredness. After all, I'm not healthy right now. But I am second-guessing every reaction my body has, trying to make sure I don't end up in the hospital again.

I woke up on Tuesday, Mar 24th, with back pain. The old familiar back pain that I've had many times before. I grumbled a bit, and am moving very slowly from it, but overall it was tolerable. At times it hurt like a demon is clawing me, but it settled after the morning and I was able to stand it.

Last summer, a million years ago, when Eric and I went to the Oz Convention, my back started to hurt again. At the convention, a person offered me some cream that was half CBD/ half THC. To my immense surprise, the stuff actually worked. However, I have no idea what kind of reaction it would have with my current meds, so I should not take it. But if the pain gets bad enough... maybe.

Tuesday morning I ended up staying in bed for a couple of extra hours. I played games on my phone and got a very thorough cat scan done by Dr. Inkwell, who "talked" to me throughout. I wish I knew what he was trying to tell me.

The rest of the day was surprisingly relaxing as well. I got some video gaming in, and managed to mostly relax, although every time I checked the news I found myself falling into a deep dark place. So I limited what I read and then went back to gaming. Killing pixels makes everything better.

Wednesday, Mar 25th, I had an appointment at the Grandview clinic scheduled with my Primary Care Provider (regular doctor) but the clinic called and said with my conditions they really didn't want me exposed to anything there. So instead of me coming in, they asked if I was OK to do a phone consult. Uh, sure? Video conferencing isn't available yet, and may not be with my local clinic. I know KADLEC and Prosser both mentioned getting their systems on-line as soon as possible.

The interview went well, with my PCP deciding that she's in charge of my diabetes and its prescriptions. I also asked to have my depression med refilled. She went over some details about diabetes that I didn't know yet, and was impressed with my report that I've been in a very stable range when testing since I got out of the hospital. Overall, a good visit even though I didn't get to deliver chocolates to the nurse who helped me.

I also got a call from the Sunnyside Hospital, which surprised me immensely since we'd received a note from our insurers that they wouldn't pay for any services from the company, Astria, that runs it. But apparently KADLEC sent a referral for an visiting nurse, if I need it, and Astria ran my insurance and they OK'ed it. Still, I'm doing fine at the moment and I really want to limit any contact with the outside world, so I declined the offer. I was told it will be a standing offer deal; if I need it I can ask and get it.

I also attempted to schedule my next infusion of cytoxan, but got the runaround. I ended up contacting the nurse at the kidney doctor's office for help, and she said she'd try to do it and let me know. I'm not sure what's happening there.

Thursday I woke up with massive back pain that faded as the day went by. This is normal for my back pain, so it's following familiar patterns. I have been trying to keep moving, as that often helps, but Thursday was definitely a "relax and do nothing" sort of day. I got some writing in, killed some pixels, played with Inkwell: the usual. It was a slow day.

Inkwell is getting a bit of cabin fever, and has been running around the house at full speed vocalizing. He also keeps trying to get at my food during meals.

I had a small bout of insomnia early this morning, with a bout of existential dread. But we have very little planned for today except Eric is planning on a grocery run and I will be worried about it.

And so, I'm caught up to today. Let's hope I don't end up in a hospital and get behind again.

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Dwight Williams said...

Good to read of the progress, Laura!