Saturday, April 11, 2020

Kidney Saga part 66

I don't think I'm going to lose all my hair.

It's still falling out in alarming rates, but it seems to just be thinning, rather than exiting. I have always had very thick hair, so it will be quite a change for me, but it looks like I'm not going to go fully bald. I suppose that's a good thing.

Friday was calm. My sleep schedule has gotten a little wonky, but not so bad I couldn't deal with it. I was not as productive yesterday as I was on Thursday, but my goal is to be comfortable and keep building strength, not "be productive." So I'm not going to complain. I am slowly starting to get things done, and that's enough.

Back pain has lessened a bit, but is still irritating me regularly. The more I walk around and move, the less it hurts, so I'm trying to keep exercising. The pills help with that, as I have to use the toilet frequently. I never thought I'd be saying something like that, but there you go. Strange times, indeed.

Inkwell is getting bored with his humans, and spent a few minutes attacking Eric yesterday when Eric didn't feed him promptly enough. This morning Inkwell was on my chest at 4:45 am telling me he was starving and bopping my nose repeatedly to get me up. We need to play with him, but I haven't got the energy and Eric is really really busy.

The temperatures outside have gone up. It's slightly warmer than usual at this time of the year, with yesterday's high at 78F. This in turn has warmed up the house, which is a delight for me as I have been so cold this winter. We'll have to put the AC on at some point, but I'll delay as long as possible.

I looked up meal delivery services that provide kidney/diabetes friendly meals. There are a number of them, DaVita lists three, but the prices and shipping are so far out of my range it's not even funny. I checked my insurance, but I don't have a meal allowance, that I could see. Plus, looking at the menus, I'm not sure the variety is all that much better than what Eric and I are already managing, which makes me sad. The limits on what I can eat make for a constricted range of types of food.

Nothing planned for today or tomorrow, but I have a blood draw and virtual doctor appointment on Monday. So Tuesday's update might have some interesting information. We'll see. If today and tomorrow are boring, I might skip a day's report.

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