Wednesday, April 22, 2020

Kidney Saga part 76

It was a very warm day here, yesterday.

it got up to 79F (26C) in the house, which was almost enough to get me to turn on the AC, but instead I opened a window because it was cooler outside. And the upstairs windows are high enough I doubt any viruses are going to sneak in. Although there is some part of me that's still frightened by the possibility. The warmth was mostly welcome, until it wasn't. With my liquid restriction, it's somewhat hard to cool down by drinking anything.

Not a lot to report on the health issues from yesterday except that I was still exhausted to the point of needing a another nap. That's after a 10-hour sleep. So, yeah, the stuff takes a lot out of me. I started to feel better as the evening progressed, at least, so I think I'll be fine today. We'll just see.

Mentally I'm all over the place. The steroid mood swings are terrifying but I'm mostly clamping down on them. I want to be off this stuff, but I don't know what the doctors are thinking. I feel like my mind is still shattered, and my writing all seems disjointed and odd to me. My taste buds are not normal (sweet things taste very odd some times) and my body continues to shrink in disconcerting ways. My skin feels oddly soft and loose.

But I woke up this morning feeling fairly good, and I hope to get downstairs at least once today, perhaps for lunch. Eric has a big teaching day, so I might be on my own for some time. I also really need to play with Inkwell, as he's clearly bored and confused by his humans. He needs some attention, and if I'm feeling a little better, I should give him some.

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