Thursday, April 23, 2020

Kidney Saga part 77

While I felt great yesterday morning, I found I had no energy as the day wore on.

It might have been the change in the weather. It was raining here for the first time in awhile, and I've always been sensitive to weather changes. But whatever it was, I was expecting to feel a bit better yesterday and be able to get some things done, but instead I found myself too exhausted to stay awake.

After a midday nap, I woke up grumpy and snappy and poor hubby-Eric had to deal with it. If you have a moment, please give some props to my long-suffering husband who has been a top-notch caregiver for me despite having to take on the role while working and with no experience or guidance. He's been very patient with me. I married the right dude.

I got a call from my nephrologist to let me know the latest on my blood work. I'm stable, but my potassium levels have dropped dramatically so I'm going to have to take more potassium pills. It also means I can have certain foods high in potassium that I normally cannot have with kidney issue - bananas and potatoes come to mind. Only temporary, but it opens up some diet restrictions and makes me temporarily happy.

Anyway, I got on my game in the afternoon, and eventually managed to run some group content with the new stuff with the Sophie Fatal Twitch Crew, and that managed to cheer me up as well as exhaust me even more. Playing video games is both relaxing and takes a bit out of me. I like killing pixels, and I love being a superhero in the game. For about an hour I was completely gone from the real world and that was much-needed and much-appreciated.

I got to bed early last night and received a meowsage from Inkwell, who had been a bit bitey earlier in the day with Eric. Apparently Inkwell thought he ought to be fed early, but Eric didn't, and Inkwell tried to drive his point home with attacks after his mournful meowing didn't work. But last night, he sat on my chest and purred loudly, interjected with meows, while making biscuits. It was a good little workout for him and did a lot to relax me.

I remember some dreams from last night. The main one was me going to the grocery store for the first time in months. At first I was delighted, as I hadn't been to a store since 2019. Then I was horrified because there were too many people and nobody but me had a mask on. Then I was panicking. Then I woke up. So I'm hoping that dream doesn't come back any time soon.

I've decided to set no goals for today and just hope to get a few things done. Low expectations for the low-energy kidney patient.

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