Monday, August 03, 2020

Kidney Saga part 116

Disappointing, but not entirely unexpected.

I just got back from the rheumotologist. My lupus is beginning to show itself, which I suspected when my hands started to hurt. She checked, and said it was classic symptoms. So I need to start taking medication for the lupus. And I suspect everyone can guess just what drug I'm going to have to take. Yup. I'm going on hydroxychloroquine. With a list of instructions on how to avoid dying by taking it (watch for rashes, stay out of sunlight, have my vision checked regularly, have my bone density checked...).

I can honestly say I'm not in the slightest bit thrilled about it. But my lupus is minor enough that taking this drug might well prevent way worse problems. So I'll deal with it.

I'm even less thrilled that the rheumotologist also wants me to slow my tapering off of Prednisone. Instead of 10mg and off, she thinks I should go down to 5mg for a month - after this month of 10mg. Ug. Well, if it keeps my kidneys alive, I guess I'm for it. Perhaps with the lower doses I'll get my face back.

Hubby-Eric started work this morning. Orientation for teachers. He won't have students for a few more weeks. But it's nice to see him "back in class" again.

Inkwell is being a stinker. He attacked my leg this morning while I was playing with him, and forgot his teeth actually can cause harm. He'll grab me with his paws and not use claws, but forgets about his teeth and bites me. Ouch. I'm not entirely happy with him right now.

And we just got a call while I was writing this. The dentist can fit me in tomorrow for a full cleaning, so I have that to look forward to.

I think I'll go kill some pixels in my game to work out frustrations.