Monday, February 10, 2003

Recovering from the Comicon

I'm actually in a pleasant mood today as I recover from lots of walking yesterday at the comicon. There isn't much news coming out of the world of comic books, and everything else in the world seems to be in a holding pattern when viewed from here.

I've been re-reading lots of old Aquaman stories. Some of them I barely remember, others I can almost quote word-for-word. Yeah, there's a range of quality even in my favorite book. I got a few folks asking me what I thought of the new Aquaman during the con yesterday. Best I can say is that Rick Veitch cares about the character, and cares about continuity, and has a different angle to try. All cool, and worth continuing to check out. Next issue is coming out in two days.

As you can see, Scott Alan, the artist of the great piece of Aquaman artwork I posted yesterday, has already posted a response to my posting of his ... um, I'm confusing myself. Just visit his website, ok? The neat Justice League image is on the second page in the image gallery.

For what it's worth, I was hanging around his table while Donna Barr, who was sitting next to him, read his ashcan of Mr. Man, and complimented him on it. She grabbed Roberta Gregory, sitting next to her, and showed her the book and said, "look at the clean lines! This guy is good!"