Tuesday, July 29, 2003

Complaining About The Weather

As you may have noted in the past, I live in the Seattle area. I was born and raised here, and this is the only place I can imagine living. I'm sure I would survive elsewhere, but this is my home. I learned early on in life not to say I'm from "Washington" because everyone always just assumes I'm talking about DC (even though Washington State wasn't named "Columbia" because, get this, it would be confused with the District of Columbia. Argh). For my purposes, "Seattle" is practically a state. I dislike Eastern Washington. One of my worst childhood memories is visiting relatives in Eastern Washington, and being stuck in a snowstorm (I sometimes wonder if I made that memory up, it's so miserable).

Anyway. The weather around here is mild. Very mild. Temperatures generally range from just above freezing to the low 70s most of the year. We don't get a lot of snow, maybe a big snowstorm once every five years or so. And hot days are rare. For that matter, sunny days are fairly rare, too. Seattle has cloud cover most of the time, which has earned it the false reputation that it rains all the time.

So when a weather pattern moves in that brings our temperatures up to the 80s and 90s, the natives wilt. I'm sure the folks who are from other areas love it, but people like me just wish it would get back down to a comfortable 70 degrees and wish that the sun would find a cloud to hide behind.

I'm uncomfortable right now, sitting in my house. But I just went out to get the mail, and it was WAY hotter outside. I noticed that we don't have a lawn anymore, just some hardy dandelions and clumps of brown ex-grass. In my t-shirt and shorts I was sweltering. I felt like I'd stepped into an oven. Coming back into the house was like walking into a freezers, until my body adjusted enough to start complaining how hot it is in here again.

Now, I know that this is nothing compared to other areas. I suppose you all think I'm a weather wimp. I don't consider myself a weather wimp, as I can handle cold weather just fine, and I still haven't figured out why people need umbrellas (what, is a little water gonna hurt yah?) But this weather just irritates me. I want to function properly, not fall over and wilt because I'm just a little too hot. So, because misery loves company, I want you to tell me your "bad weather" stories now. If the comments are working, go ahead. Spill yer guts. Complain away. What kind of weather do YOU hate?