Thursday, August 28, 2003


Haven't gone out to see the red planet yourself yet? Here's some pictures from Hubble of Mars.

While the story itself isn't funny, the headline made me click to read the story: "Fired fair worker strips, runs amok"

Peter David answers fan questions on his blog, and it appears to be a hit. PAD's answers are the ones in bold.

Lara Croft is sneaking into classic needlecraft designs. I think this one is my favorite. via In Sequence

This post by Doc Shazam shook me to the core. Do not read it unless you are prepared to be depressed. And she thinks she can't write well... pah! I was more affected by that one entry than anything else I've read all week. She underestimates her own abilities.

While I'm pointing you to depressing sites, check out this article about the death of Reuters cameraman Mazen Dana in Iraq. Key quote: "At the least, the military should issue guidelines for journalists — and civilians — to follow when approaching a checkpoint or operating in an area under military control."

Is this a joke? I'm completely speechless, because it's got to be a joke... via The Jason Continuum

ICv2 interviews DC's Bob Wayne about reorders and sell-outs. Part 1 and Part 2.

Sluggy Freelance is having a blackout, as is Foxtrot. Timely commentary, or lazy artists?

Will Pfeifer's column tackles gun culture movies on DVD.

David Oakes' LEGO superheroes are cool. Here's The Red Tornado Family.

Would you want to give children the vote? From birth, with their parents acting as proxy voters for awhile... Interesting idea.

Here's a remarkable proposed solution to the Palestine problem. I'm positive it wouldn't work, but if it were tried it might relieve some of the suffering. By the way, The Volokh Conspiracy is a good read.

Mojo of Turning Tables is posting lots of pictures from Iraq. They are worth a look. His latest is from convoy duty, arguably the most dangerous duty in Iraq currently.

The Onion takes on the Spider-Man in its "historical" pages. Who's Hank Connor? I recognize all the other names in the article as characters from Marvel Comics.

Another drawing from Marta: Mourning. To see Marta's latest, check out her livejournal, and the archive is at artdungeon.

I am really curious as to what the person who did a search on "sigyn started loki harry potter" was looking for, and if they found anything worth their time on my blog.