Tuesday, August 19, 2003

Random Bits of Internet Flotsam

Despite his self-professed boredom with CrossGen, Dirk Deppey has posted a link to a message board discussion about Robin Riggs' CrossGen problems, that includes Robin and other CrossGen freelancers. I hope this situation is resolved soon, as it's hard to enjoy CrossGen books knowing how they treated Robin.

ICv2 reports that retailers can vote on the date of next year's Free Comic Book Day at the Diamond website.

If I see that clip of Ozzy Osborne attempting to sing "Take Me Out To The Ballgame" at a Cubs game again, I might throw something at the TV.

Doc Shazam has advice for angry bosses: don't shoot your employees in the head with a nail gun. Ouch. She's promised to post the x-rays later.

ASCII Movies? Yup. You need to see them to believe them. via Glenn Given

Wahoo! Someone found a source for some of the funny quotes about Franken in the FNC suit. via Atrios

Hubby-Eric just got his MMR update yesterday, which is why this article in the Observer was of interest to me.

Yet another internet virus is on the loose. Keep an eye out for it. I think I got this one yesterday, but didn't open the attachment for obvious reasons.

Salam Pax has some strong words about the latest attack in Baghdad. This has thrown him in to another depression. Between G being beaten by American troops and bombs going off, I'm afraid I don't blame him.