Tuesday, October 21, 2003

Is It Over? No, Not Even Close

So, the Marysville Teachers Strike is officially over, but the underlying causes are still there, and the teachers still do NOT have a contract. The administration is still corrupt, the school board are still just puppets of the EFF, and the superintendent is still not qualified.

It's time now for the parents of Marysville to step up and fix the problem. The teachers have literally turned over the fight into the hands of the parents. The teachers could have continued the strike, but the administration was too stupid to understand what was being lost and too determined to make the teachers take the blame. A PR battle wasn't going to get school started sooner, and it has become increasingly obvious that the administration itself doesn't care about the kids, only that they win in the power struggle. The teachers DO care about the kids, and the first time they were allowed a voice since the strike started, they SHOWED that they care, by voting to go back.

But it's not over. The teachers face reprisals by going back without a contract. The administration is going to believe they've won. Some kids have been convinced that this was the teachers fault, and they are going to treat the teachers with even less respect. What faces this school district is an uphill battle of epic proportions.

I intend to keep fighting and keep blogging about it until either the district is healed by a new school board and intelligent parents willing to fight for their kids education, or until my husband leaves the district for someplace that actually cares about education. Whichever comes first. After the pain and suffering the people in this district have caused me over the last 50 days, and the immense support others in the district have shown, I have no preference. I hope my intention to keep fighting to save the district is enough of an indication.

Update: I need an image to replace the Archie cover I've been using as a link to my list of blogs and more information about the Marysville Strike. I keep thinking I want something of a classroom, except the teachers are still under threat. I wish I could draw, because I'd draw a little image of a teacher trying to teach with an unhelpful administration and school board on his back, while the perplexed students looked on.